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Weight Loss

Whole body vibration encourages weight loss. If you have been unsuccessful at losing weight, you have probably tried numerous fad diets that count calories, carbs, proteins, have good fat or bad fat. The real key to weight loss is to burn more body energy/ calories than we eat.

Our body needs to use the energy currently available, the meal we last digested, and then begin burning stored energy, fat! The stored energy of the fat cell is released and now becomes part of our muscular movement.

Our bodyʼs fat burning engine or our metabolism is put into high gear when we have more muscle movement. As we move, more fat cells are transformed into muscle. Our metabolism continues to rise and burn even more calories.

Whole body vibration contracts and releases nearly every muscle in our bodies numerous times per second. The movement helps burn calories, build stronger muscle and increases metabolism.

As you use whole body vibration you will have more energy because you have raised you metabolic rate. You will begin to look for and enjoy other physical activities that you may have given up. This will burn even more calories.

Whole body vibration, also balances the hormones that the body needs to burn fat. It raises your resting metabolic rate, increases muscle tone, is easy on your joints and most of all it makes you feel good.

See it for yourself by trying it for several weeks.  Download our Weight Loss Chart to track and measure your progress. See how whole body vibration will help shrink your waistline as well as all those other ‘lines’ on your body!

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