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Neuropathy can be caused be many different systems in your body. Peripheral neuropathy describes damage to the peripheral nervous system.

It can affect the nervous system in your legs, feet, arms or hands.

Approximately 1% of the world population suffer from peripheral small fiber neuropathy. 50% of this population are elderly diabetics. However, peripheral neuropathy does not only happen to diabetics.

Peripheral neuropathy is characterized by the dysfunction of the small nerve fibers in the epidermis. Some of the symptoms are pain, tingling sensations, discoloration, atrophy, burning, weakness, sensitivity to touch, sensitivity to hot or cold and malfunction of the sweat glands.

Pain can vary from slight numbness, mild tingling, or severe pain. Individuals with peripheral neuropathy are more prone to injury because of loss of coordination and balance due to the numbness and pain in their legs and feet. Safety in walking becomes an issue. Control of the diabetes can help but other treatments are limited.

Whole body vibration is a new modality which can be used for relief in some people. See the research below and consider trying it as a alternate natural treatment with the possibility of pain relief.

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